MISSION & vision

Enriching lives globally, with quality and affordable Health products. To help people enjoy life, by offering a high quality solution to health care.

Spreading our Geographical coverage.Build our own facility for health care products.


Our values

V : Vital
A : Accountable
L : Loyal
U : Unique
E : Elite
S : Successor


To do our part to bring a wide variety of appealing and wholesome quality products at attractive values to the marketplace.


Total Future Co.

Total Future Co. is  an authorized company in Kuwait, and has the fastest growing medicine brands in the country , gaining the confidence of HCPs and customers day by day ,by  the quality of its products. Total Future Co. is managed by a group of qualified professionals with average experience 15 years in Pharmaceutical , baby nutrition ,Nutri-ceutical and Cosmo-ceutical products in GCC markets and Egypt.

Total Future Co. is specialized in medicine registration,  marketing and distribution , pre-opening preparations started on May 2014 , actual starting of the business is December 2014 –in alliance with a sister co.- in Kuwait market by receiving the 1st order of QuickMed products, full separation of business was on May 2015.